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Caston Drainage Improvement Project

Jo Blackman

Added at 19:18 on 24 October 2023

Caston drainage improvement project

A major engineering project is scheduled to commence on 2 October 2023 to improve the drainage in the vicinity of the Dukes Lane corner which in previous years has suffered serious flooding.

The Parish Council has been working on parishioner’s behalf for well over 8 years with the county council and Highways aiming to achieve a solution to mitigate the risk of flooding at this location.

This major investment by Highways is in the order of £70K of which a sizeable amount has already been spent commissioning an engineering survey that has informed the detail and extent of the work required.

A new surface water system is being constructed along The Street which will pick up the existing gullies and at additional locations before discharge at the location of the existing outfall. This system will replace the old system which was found to be damaged beyond repair when it was surveyed.

It is estimated the works will take around 16 weeks and will require closure of “The Street” with diversions along Northacre.

The Parish Council has raised concerns with Highways, on parishioner’s behalf, about the volume of traffic being diverted along Northacre which is largely a single lane road and unsuitable for HGV’s. Highways have responded saying the diversion route has been selected as the most appropriate by their streetworks team and in the event that HGV traffic does become an issue the streetworks team will make instruction for alternative routes as necessary.

A public Information Notice will be issued 1-2 weeks before the start of the works together with advance warning signs notifying the road closure dates. It is expected the contractor will speak with residents beforehand if access to their properties will be restricted and make necessary arrangements to work around these. Other properties/businesses within the limits of the temporary road closure will need to follow the diversion route signage which will naturally change as the works progress along the route. Pedestrian access will be maintained but may on occasions require a temporary walkway.

The Parish Council is in communication with Highways who have provided us with a plan of the proposed works for reference and informed us that nearer to the start date the contractor will develop their 16-week programme. A copy of the plan and the proposed diversion route have been placed on the village noticeboards and will be available of the Parish Council website. The diversion route is also attached here.

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Diversion Route

Engineering Plan