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for 2007

Council Minutes & Agendas

We will publish here the Agenda for the upcoming parish council meeting as well as the minutes for the last meeting once the Chairman has signed them off as correct.

The agenda will be available approximately one week before the meeting and the minutes will be available immediately after the following meeting.

The document that interests you can be viewed by clicking on it.

Agenda for February 5th 2007 Minutes for 5th February 2007
Agenda for 5th March 2007 Minutes for 5th March 2007
Agenda for 2nd April 2007 Minutes for 2nd April 2007
Agenda for 14th May 2007 - Annual Meeting of Parish  
Agenda for 14th May 2007 - Annual Meeting of Council Minutes for 14th May 2007 - Annual General Meeting
Agenda for 2nd July 2007 Minutes for 2nd July 2007
  Minutes for Extraordinary Meeting 31st July 2007
Agenda for 3rd Sept 2007 - amended Minutes for 3rd September 2007
Agenda for 1st October 2007 Minutes for 1st October 2007
Agenda for 5th November 2007 Minutes for 5th November 2007
Agenda for 3rd December 2007 Minutes for 3rd December 2007