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Parking on Green areas within the village

by Caston Clerk - 13:50 on 12 November 2013

To all residents & visitors to The Green, Coronation Terrace and Caston

At the Parish Council meeting last night the matter of car parking on The Green and Coronation Terrace was discussed. I informed the councillors that all residents of The Green and Coronation Terrace had been sent a letter regarding this matter in September 2013.

Recently, the Parish Council has received several complaints from village residents that the parking has continued. This is despite previous efforts of the Parish Council asking visitors and residents not to park on the grass areas on the Greens. Consequently the surface of the land is being damaged and the effectiveness of mowing compromised. The Parish Council pay a contractor to mow the green spaces in Caston and keep them tidy, but occasionally this has not been possible due to parked vehicles on the land and damage to the land.

The cost of mowing the green spaces in Caston is paid for by all the residents of the village via the Precept amount in the household annual Council Tax bill. In order to keep this cost as low as possible it is imperative that the land is treated with care by residents and visitors alike. Very occasionally when the utility services undertake work in the village, the grass may be parked on or damaged but I can a sure you that if this information is given to the Parish Council they will contact the appropriate party to “put right” any damage caused. Unfortunately, this is not often possible with unknown visitors to the village. But, if all the residents help by respecting the care of the grass, the maintenance costs will be kept to a minimum and the Precept charge remain a low as possible.

The Councillors have asked me to send you a copy of an extract from the “Caston Green Open Spaces Management and Protection Policy 2013” sent to all residents of The Green and Coronation Terrace earlier this year and the updated Parking Map. This map supersedes the previous one. Hopefully all the residents of these areas and other members of the village are now fully aware of the items mentioned in it.

The Greens are very popular places in the village and the upkeep of their tidy neat appearance is very important to the Parish Councillors and all the village residents. They would like to ask you, you visitors and anyone you see using the green spaces to kindly park in a designated parking space (see map) or in a suitable place on the road where parking near to bends, corners and turning areas does not cause a hazard to your vehicle, other road users and pedestrians.

If you have any further questions please attend the next Parish Council meeting on the first Monday of the month in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. Dates and other Parish Council information can be found on, the village notice boards and by contacting me or any Parish Councillor.

Thank you for helping to keep Caston tidy and an enjoyable place to live.

Alison Skipper

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