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Caston's Green Open Spaces

by Caston Parish Council Clerk: - Alison Skipper, Midsummer House, The Street, Caston, Norfolk NR17 1DD - 16:40 on 15 May 2013

Caston Parish Council

CHAIRMAN: - Mr. J. Chapman VICE CHAIRMAN: - Mr. P. Hall

13th May 2013

Dear Residents of Coronation Terrace and Caston,

Green Open Spaces
Information for Caston Parishioners and Users of Caston Village Greens
We are writing to inform you that Caston Parish Council recently acquired two green open spaces at Coronation Terrace and we are now in the process of getting it registered as a “Village Green”. This will allow the residents to enjoy the use of this green space in perpetuity. In the next six months it is hoped that the Parish Council will provide a short fence and mixed native hedging to improve the aesthetics and safety of the area. A new notice board and seat are also planned to enhance the area.
Caston Parish Council has given a lot of consideration as to how our public green spaces can be used for the benefit of all and so that the Parish Council can comply with the legal restraints placed on these spaces. CASTON GREEN OPEN SPACES MANAGEMENT & PROTECTION POLICY document relates to the use and management of the green open spaces at Coronation Terrace Green and The Village Green. Please note that there have been some recent legal changes relating specifically to this type of area, which residents should be aware of, together with existing legislation which affects the way in which village greens and other public spaces are used. In particular it is now illegal to sell or offer for sale, any article on land other than land which you privately own, unless the seller is in possession of a valid Street Trading Consent issued by Breckland Council.

The Parish Council does not own any play, recreational or other equipment on this land. Items which the Parish Council does own on this land are listed on the policy document. We would like to advise residents and users of the open amenity spaces in the village that their own recreational and other equipment is used on this land at their own risk, and all such equipment should be removed from the land after each use.

Please read the CASTON GREEN OPEN SPACES MANAGEMENT & PROTECTION POLICY 2013. If you have any questions please contact the Caston Parish Council Clerk (Telephone: - 01953 483 466 E-mail: - or a Parish Councillor.

Thank you. We hope that this will help you continue to enjoy the use of these green open spaces.

The Chairman and Councillors
Caston Parish Council
May 2013

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