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Tree & Hedge Information

by Alison Skipper - Clerk to the Council - 15:03 on 03 November 2015


Dear Resident of Caston,

Do you own a hedge, bush or tree along your property boundary?

Is this next to a footpath or highway?

To ensure that the many pedestrians using our village footpaths can use them easily and safely, the Parish Council would like to ask you to trim back any of your plants or trees which overhang the footpaths.

Also do you own a tree or bush with low branches overhanging or protruding into the highway? These may need to be trimmed to allow a safe uninterrupted passage past or beneath them.

If you have a large awkward tree branch overhanging the main highway, and you live in the Conservation area of the village, you will need to seek advice from local Tree Officer at Breckland Council. Tel: 01362 656873 E-Mail:

For more information about conservation areas in general:

If you know of any problems with the footpath, roads, pot holes, signs, verges or any other item of the street scene in Caston please tell the Parish Council

Some important information to note: -

The Highways Act 1980 requires that trees and other vegetation do not obstruct the passage of users.
The Highway Authority requires a minimum clearance over any part of a footpath of 2.4 metres (7ft 10inches) and over any part of a road of 5.2 metres (17feet).
The Highway Authority has the powers to enforce these clearances and there may be a charge for this. This may be of interest:-

Thank you for helping to keep the footpaths clear in Caston so that villagers, their dogs, family and visitors can enjoy walking around the village easily & safely




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