01 February 2009Scamnesty 2-15 February 2009

Norfolk County Council Trading Standards are taking part in the Office of Fair Trading ‘Scamnesty’ campaign during Scams Awareness Month February 2009.

‘Scamnesty’ encourages consumers to take positive action against scam mailings; by depositing the mailings they receive in designated secure ‘bins’, they are saying ‘No’ to the scammers and providing invaluable information for Trading Standards and the Office of Fair Trading to take action to stop them.

Norfolk County Council Trading Standards Service works hard all year to minimise the harm done by scams that target Norfolk residents. The information we receive during ‘Scamnesty’ will help us to keep track of new and reinvented scams in the county and avoid Norfolk residents becoming victims of scams. We also have a scam alert system to which you may wish to subscribe. This will alert you by email of any new warning posted on our website. Please see our website at for further details of scam alerts and Scams Awareness Month.

Anyone can be affected by a scam. The majority of victims are aged between 35 and 44. However, older consumers, those aged 55 plus, lose the most money to scams, and are more likely to become ‘Chronic Scam Victims’. It can be difficult to identify these vulnerable consumers, as many do not like to admit they are a victim. The Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards’ campaign prioritises the over 55s and raising awareness amongst carers, care professionals, partner organisations and members of community in contact with possible victims.

Norfolk County Council Trading Standards will have bins placed at County Hall, Local Libraries, Mobile Libraries, Council Information Centres, Wensum Lodge Adult Education Centre and Norwich Citizens Advice Bureau.

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